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Tom Downs
Tom's Cutting Edge

Tom Downs

Meet Tom Downs

I was a tool and die maker in a previous life where I learned to work with hardened steels and many types of equipment holding very tight precision tolerances. I really enjoy working with my hands and operating precision machinery. I started my sharpening business in 2019, preparing for a full time retirement business. I am a person who enjoys working and I take great satisfaction in taking customers' dull and damaged cutlery and returning them  better than new. 

My Process

I am often asked how I sharpen knives or what I use.

I use a machine designed specifically for knife sharpening. I can adjust the angle on the blade with precision accuracy based on the type of knife and it’s intended use.

It uses high tech belts at low speeds and removes very little material while obtaining a high polish on the cutting edge. No grinders are ever involved. Grinders remove too much material and often burn the edge of the knife. I also repair extremely dull cutlery, chipped blades and damaged points.

If you're a frequent home cook and use your knives at least once a day, you should sharpen your knives 2 to 3 times a year. A sharp knife does not only do a better job of cutting and slicing food, it also lets you work faster and safer.

Please contact me for your knife and scissor sharpening needs. I know you will be pleased with the results and you'll never work with dull and unsafe knives again. 

My Process
Image by Naomi O'Hare
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